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Play on your phone, on your computer and coming soon to table top. Collect Monkey points in any and every game you play. Once you collect 100,000 points you can turn them into Dabalooneys and Raffle coins.

Dabalooney's can be used to join tournaments and win more Raffle coins. It is always free to play at 3 monkey games but time is limited. To win more raffle coins and dabalooney's consider opening up unlimited play on any game.

Once collected raffle coins can be taken to our sponsor/advertiser page to enter into drawings for great prizes.

Our rules of conduct are simple play fair play nice and always be a good sport.
Welcome to 3 monkey games your place for fun and prizes.

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Play Homevesting For Free on Tabletopia without signing up or using a dabalooney.
No points,raffle tickets, or prizes are awarded in this game.


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The Backpack

Why is it so important? A Three Monkey Games backpack holds more than just air. It is your Player module and it is unique to each and every player. It holds all assets that can be purchased or won in a Three Monkey Game! Let's pop it open!

There are 5 Asset groups

  1. Bananas
  2. Weapons
  3. Advertiser Coins
  4. Daballooneys
  5. Rings and Trophies

All assets are carried in the backpack and can be taken from game to game. For instance, weapon coins from Superhero Monkeys can be used in Jungle Adventures, and vice versa. Banana coins, Weapon coins, and Advertiser Raffle coins may be taken to Three Monkey Battle Dice Arena and wagered for more. How are they wagered?

  • Players enter arena from any 3MG App
  • They pick from 3 different opponents: Player v Player (friend), Player v AI (Robomonkey), and Player v Random Player.
  • Players make a wager and roll the dice
  • Monkey-Style Rock-Paper-Scissors rules* apply, except... What if there is a Tie? If there is a tie in the die roll, the a coin spin will determine the winner. Weapon and asset modifiers apply. The player with the highest score is the winner of the wager AND the modifiers. The spoils go into the backpack to be used in any Three Monkey Game.

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Monkey Poker
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Battle Dice Arena
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Superhero Monkeys vs Secret Agent Android Kittens
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In 2005 Wes Smith had the vision to make board games. His inspiration came from all the fun times he had playing games with his family: His beautiful wife, Kellie, and his three little "monkeys" Elisabeth, Bryant and Caulin. In his quest, Wes decided he needed a website and contacted a local website developer. Little did he know that day would change his life. While the website was being built, one of the web developers saw Wes' initial game and offered his expertise to polish the product itself. That developer was Matt Orsman, a local graphic artist and illustrator. Matt and his fantastic imagination brought the "Three Monkeys" to life and from that was forged a great partnership and friendship.

Matt introduced these three characters molded out of Wes' own three monkeys' personalities.

  • Berry "The Bluffer" Bananahammock. Funny, inquisitive, smart and loveable Berry is the oldest and leader of the Three Monkeys.
  • Albert "All In" Alexander. Brute strength with a heart of gold. Al never met anyone he didn't love. Loyal and protective he is the middle child in our group.
  • Freddy "Fearless" Funkymonkey. Mischievous and always quick witted Freddy is the baby of the family and of course gets away with everything.

Matt also has three monkeys of his own: Sabrina, Mason, and Nathan. If you look closely at our games you might find them along with Matt's long-suffering wife and "Significant Techie", Michelle.

Our original game, Monkey Poker™ (aka "Texas Hold 'Em Gone Bananas"), introduced other characters like Clyde the Cheetah and fun new rules like "pocket monkeys", which inspired our catchphrase. "May you always have Monkeys in your Pockets and No Cheetahs at the Table!"

Over the next decade, Wes and Matt developed over 15 titles with new and exciting characters. Each game has its own personality and each game's inspiration is drawn from experiences Wes had with his monkeys. Titles include:

  • Superhero Monkeys Vs Secret Agent Android Kittens
  • Zombie Monkeys From Planet Boojabaunga
  • Six Shootin' Cowboy Monkey Gang of Sarsaparilla County
  • The Ayyyyy Team (featuring Pork Chop the Karate Pig)
  • Monster Monkeys on Trick 'r Treat Street
  • Ninja Monkeys and "The Orbs of Doom"
just to name a few.

Wes and Matt were lucky enough during this process to get an agreement with HomeVestors of America to use their trademarked character UG™. With Wes' extensive background in real estate, Matt and Wes turned a house flipping game into HomeVesting™ the Property Investment Game. Matt designed almost an entire town's worth of ancillary characters for the game including StoneAge Plumbers, Painters, Landscapers, Floor Installers, Roofers, Real Estate Agents and more. While Three Monkey Games still has rights to use the UG™ character, they were also granted permission to keep their ancillary characters and build a new game with a new lead character: "Rock Houseman -International Man of Real Estate."

It's now 12 years later and Three Monkey Games is proud to make the jump into Internet and App gaming..

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